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The APSS Group maintains a database of hospitals, airfields, storm shelters, evacuation sites, and area police stations. In partnership with local Philippine NGOs, we ensure that the database is  kept current as far as capabilities, locations, and contact information.

The APSS Group has meticulously researched  open sources to compile a database of local safety and  security incidents that have occurred to track trends. This enables us to look at locations, dates, and times when incidents are more likely to happen and use predictive analysis to determine when and where events are most likely to transpire. Using this, we can reduce your potential exposure to area risks. 


Our FREE Newsletter has current events, current tactics, techniques and procedures used by the local terrorist and criminal groups, and tips to ensure you stay safe and secure during your travels within the Philippines. 

Our subscription Intelligent Report provides the most in-depth ground level intelligence regarding threat and safety information available, analysis of current and predicted trends, and breaking safety/ security news direct to your email. 

Our Destination Reports let you know where to find and contact local hospital and other emergency services, hotels, ATMs, local threat information, weather/disaster trends for the times you will be in the area, along with breaking safety/security information to your email. In addition, you will receive in-country support to help you navigate problems you may encounter while in country. 

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