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Merinews: Imaginet stages 'live' disaster recovery display

When disaster strikes the first casualty is often communications. In order to demonstrate their ability to address this issue, Imaginet International Inc, the leading provider of premier IT Network Hardware and Software solutions in the Philippines, recently ran a live demonstration of their Integrated Solutions package for use in Human Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) situations.

Representatives from PAGASA, Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Mines and Geoscience's Bureau (MGB), Makati Business Club (MBC), Cebu Provincial RRDMO, Cebu City Council, the British Embassy and others gathered in central Makati to witness a live demonstration of the Explorer systems. The all day event involved the tracking and response to a medical epidemic scenario, not dissimilar to the recent outbreak of ebola in West Africa.

The key components of Imaginet's First Responder solution were shown in operation including SiRRAN's mobile 3G network providing an exclusive, secure mobile network within 4 minutes, Kestrel's Field Information Systems Tool which collects real time data from various sources and generates detailed evaluation & action plans and the APSS group's specialist training and support.

Imaginet's Chief Executive Officer, Blair Duncan, commented after the event:

"Today's event was a very clear demonstration of the capabilities of this integrated system in providing the kind of immediate response desperately needed when disasters strike. There is no doubt that its adoption by first responders and other frontline agencies will assist in all HA/DR activities including the planning & training phase."

Following the event, agreements were made to perform Feasibility Studies for implementation with two PGU's DRRMO's and with a Government Agency.

About Imaginet International Inc.

Imaginet International Inc. is a premier provider of IT network & security solutions and managed network, hosting & content management services within the Philippines. Imaginet has been designing, supplying, implementing & managing data, messaging and voice networks across the Philippines and other ASEAN countries since 1998.

Imaginet is the exclusive partner of SiRRAN and Kestrel Technologies in the Philippines.

As one of the Philippines' leading providers of IT services to local, regional, and multinational organizations, Imaginet is partnered with the most reliable and trusted brands in the IT business, ensuring client's network security, availability and continuous service performance.

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